Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre St. Louis

"Would have Preferred the Lawn"

Seat Review From Right Center, Row TT, Seats 4-6
Apr 2019


I could see OK but the support beam was a distraction for me. If I would have seen this view before I probably wouldn't have paid extra for a reserved seat. I would have preferred the lawn since I could have picked my view there.

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    Probably No Better Seats

    Apr 2019

    Right Center, Row JJ, Seats 2-8

    Why? Because these seats are on the aisle, just covered, and in front of the support beams! It's kind of in it's own little world with a perfect view to the stage. Need to grab a beer? You can quickly dip out and down the aisle. Fantastic.

    • "Fantastic Night!"

      (Section Center) - -

      These seats were dead center to the stage and we saw everything perfectly! There is nothing I would change. Seat 101 is on the aisle to the left so I was about 5 seats in. If there was a downside I would say that there isn't a lot of differential in height between, so if you're short you may have...

    • "GREAT"

      (Left Center) -
    • "Great For Standing"

      (Left Center) - -

      These seats were just what I needed for the show. They are about the middle of the pavilion and under cover (thanks rateyourseats). I could see all the bands perfectly. Just overall solid.

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