Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre St. Louis

"Fantastic Night!"

Seat Review From Section Center, Row BB, Seat 105
Apr 2019


These seats were dead center to the stage and we saw everything perfectly! There is nothing I would change. Seat 101 is on the aisle to the left so I was about 5 seats in. If there was a downside I would say that there isn't a lot of differential in height between, so if you're short you may have a hard time seeing, but I think this is more amphitheatre wide and not specific to these seats.

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    Peter Frampton - Aug 4, 2019

    Aug 2019

    Section Center, Row FF   Verified Customer

    • "GREAT"

      (Left Center) -
    • "Great For Standing"

      (Left Center) - -

      These seats were just what I needed for the show. They are about the middle of the pavilion and under cover (thanks rateyourseats). I could see all the bands perfectly. Just overall solid.

    • "Probably No Better Seats"

      (Right Center) - -

      Why? Because these seats are on the aisle, just covered, and in front of the support beams! It's kind of in it's own little world with a perfect view to the stage. Need to grab a beer? You can quickly dip out and down the aisle. Fantastic.

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