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Cincinnati Reds Outfield Bleachers Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Outfield Bleachers are the highest tier of seating behind the left field wall. Known as the Kroger Bleachers, these will have a near impossible view of the scoreboard which is located just above these sections.

Seating in the outfield bleachers is bench style, but do offer a back portion to the bench so you won't have to lean forward for all 9 innings. These seats, much like all outfield seating at Great American Ballpark, will have a lot of exposure to the sun during day games.

Entry tunnels are located closer to the front of the Outfield Bleacher sections, just above Row F.  -

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    • "The terriffic thing about this section is that it's close to the Machine Room."


      The Machine Room offers craft beer.

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