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Endzone sections in the lower level are slightly smaller than corner and sideline sections, with roughly 30 rows of seats as opposed to 38.

Because the lower bowl at Arrowhead is so shallow, the views from endzone seating aren't as good as they could be - even when you're seated in one of the top rows. As an alternative, try choosing seats in one of the corner sections or spend the extra money to be in one of the lowest rows.

If you choose the latter option and buy tickets in one of the first few rows, you'll be in for an un-rivaled experience. The front row of endzone seating is as close to the field as any endzone seat in any other NFL stadium. The front row is also almost at field level, giving you the impression of being on the field. During warm-ups and pre-game interactions and when the play moves towards your goal line, you'll have unforgettable views of the action.


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    December 18 - Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
  • Section 128, Row 7
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    November 20 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs
  • Section 108, Row 6
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    December 8 - Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
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