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Section 117 at Rogers Arena


Rogers Arena Section 117 View

Section 117 Seating Notes

  • For hockey games, we recommend rows 18-24 for great views of the ice
  • For hockey games, desirable view from near center ice
  • Related Seating: Plaza Level

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 117 are labeled 1-2, 3-25
  • Wheelchair seating is available in front of Row 3
  • For hockey games, row 3 is usually the first row
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 21

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  • Section 117 Reviews

    Great view - Game ruined by nose bleed bums taking empty seats

    Mar 2014

    Hockey Review
    Section 117, Row 12, Seats 9-10

    Centre Ice expensive tickets surrounded by loud offensive obnoxious drunks as soon as they could sneak in. It took them until the end of the first period but they got in. Brutal seat control. Game absolutely ruined. Why pay when all you have to do is find the good seats empty and sneak in. We were surrounded by stinking drunks gloating about how they found centre ice. Some of the most expensive hockey tickets in Canada with no control. I would never go again period. A terrible waste of money!!!

    • Plaza Level


      The Plaza Level at Rogers Arena is another name for seats in the Lower Bowl. This includes sections 101-122. Most Plaza sections have 25 rows of seats with row 1 located at the front and an entrance near 21. For Canucks games, Plaza seats are popular among guests who wish to sit as close to the action as possible. Row 1 is directly on the glass and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For concerts, Plaza sections offer varied experiences. When the stage is at the end of the floor, sections like 105 and 106 are a great alternative to Floor Seats. And when the stage is in the center, nearly every section has a very good view of the performance. More Plaza Notes Sections 104-108 are Club Seats for Canucks games The player benches are in front of sections 116-118The penalty boxes are on the opposite side  The Canucks shoot twice towards the net in front of 111 and 112 For end-stage concerts the stage is placed near sections 101 and 122 

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Great Views of the Ice


      Excellent views from near center ice. Perfect elevation near the top of the lower seating bowl. Close to the section entry tunnel for quick trips to and from the concourse

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Close to the action"

      (Section 119) - -

      Excellent when the action is down your end but quite easy to lose track of what's happening at the other end.

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