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On the Rogers Arena seating chart, 300 Level seats are also referred to as the Rogers Level or the Upper Bowl. Owing to their location at the top of the arena, this is usually the best place to find cheap Canucks or concert tickets.

Rogers Level sections have up to 15 rows of seats with Row 1 at the front of each section. The entrance to each section is located near Row 5.

The best experience in each section will be in the first four rows. These rows have quick access to the concourse and won't have to deal with the same amount of foot traffic as the upper rows.

Rogers Level Notes

  • The Canucks shoot twice towards the net in the direction of sections 315 and 316
  • For most concerts the stage is across from sections 315 and 316
    • These seats have a head-on view but are farthest away

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Rogers Level Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Far but good"

      (Section 322) - -

      I was in the 300 level so you are pretty far up, but you are pretty close and your view is great. One thing though is the seats are very close to the ones in front of them, so if someone has to get through you have to stand up or move.

    • "Pretty good"

      (Section 316) - -

      The view of the stage from section 316 is excellent, but there was a few down sides. For example, you can't see anything go on down on the stage, there's just a few little specks. And the screens are pretty far off aswell. Second, you can't see the crowd very well. (Which sucks when they're all hold...

    • "Great seats for a view of all the ice"

      (Section 322) - -

      Great seats for a view of all the ice without breaking the bank.

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