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For concerts at Rogers Arena, floor sections take on a number of different shapes and sizes. There is a standard layout that some artists use, but more and more concerts have a custom floor seat arrangement.

Standard End-Stage Layout

The standard layout for a concert places the stage in front of Sections 101 and 122 with a single large floor section facing the performance. When this is the setup, your row and seat number will play a crucial role in determining what your view is like.

For shows with this arrangement, there are usually 40-50 seats in each row of the floor. As you face the stage, seat 1 is typically on the far left side. From left-to-right, seats increase in number and seats 20-30 are usually near the center. Aisles are usually placed every 15 seats and every 10-20 rows.

General Admission Floor Tickets

A recent trend for floor tickets is to have one or more General Admission (GA) sections. These are areas of the floor that are standing room only (no seats), and spaces are un-assigned. Most GA tickets are labeled GA Floor or GA Pit.

Other Common Arrangements

  • Center Stage: The stage is in the center of the arena and floor sections surround it; the performer usually moves a lot on stage for these performances
  • GA Pit + Reserved Floor: A small general admission section is setup near the stage, followed by reserved floor seats

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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  • Floor Seats Reviews

    Good sound!

    Aug 2014

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 20, Seats 7,8

    We enjoyed Santana and Rod Stewart on the same bill. Sound was good on the floor. The floor plan pictured on the site, led us to believe we were in a row where there would be an aisle in front of us (we like leg room). We were actually 3 rows back from an aisle, but the leg room was ample. Biggest detractors were fellow crowd members. People who arrived after the show started and had to get everyone else in the rows to stand while they get their middle seats. Taller people immediately in front of you who like to stand through most of the performance. (We like to stand up also, but not as much as them:-) (On the upside they were enjoying the show and it was fun to watch them, but would have preferred to watch more of Carlos and Rod!) The seats were just the right distance from the speakers, such that we could enjoy the sound and understand the lyrics. It was a very good show by both performers. PS: Also appreciated security who kept people from crowding into the aisles and the cleanliness of the washrooms.

    Shitty - can't see anything

    Jun 2017

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 33, Seat 1

    45 minutes waiting after some hick band from the south. Really - they had three mics and three chairs and they needed 45 minutes to reset. They could of told us they needed that much time maybe bought a t-shirt while we waited. Tim and Faith - Diva and Divdude. Faith couldn't remember the words to about 5 different songs. Her voice was raspy and I could swear she was off key a bit. Tim was okay best of the two. Overall poor concert. Reba and Brooks and Dunne way better in Vegas.


    Dec 2013

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 5, Seats 15-19

    You could see everything. And the seats are spaced out enough that you don't get crushed. Right in them middle of the stage too.


    Jun 2017

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 15, Seat 31

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