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What is the obstruction in row 1 of the 200 level at Tropicana Field?

Apr 2016

Answered by staff...

Some tickets listed for sale at Tampa Bay Rays games will show an "obstructed view" warning. While this is a significant issue on the 100 level, some tickets in the first row of 200 level sections are being labeled with this warning as well. On a recent 3-game trip to Tropicana Field, we hunted down the reason(s) for this warning.

As we suspected, this "obstructed" label refers to the railings at the front of each section. While these railings are highly distracting, they are an issue for upper level seating at almost every ballpark and arena in North America. Smaller fans and children may have to squirm a little bit to find a good viewing angle around the railing, but taller fans will hardly find it a distraction.

Overall, we recommend sitting in row 2 or higher in the 200 level - just to avoid any potential railing issues. But at the same time, don't let the railing completely deter you from buying tickets in the first row if the price is right and ticket inventory is limited.

Asked April 28, 2016

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