Rogers Arena

Is the view good from Section 122 at Rogers Arena?

We have Seats 106-107 in Row 12.

Sep 2013

Answered by staff...

The views from section 122 will be directly behind the net where the Canucks defend twice. Unfortunately you will not be on the side where the Canucks shoot twice, but you will have good views of the entire ice, with the only limited view being following the puck when it is up against the boards behind the net just in front of you.

There are a total of 25 rows of seating in section 122, with the entry tunnel located at row 21, so you will have good elevation up from the ice at row 12 and only have to walk down 9 rows to get to your seats. The entry tunnel runs down the middle of the section, and as you reach row 12, seat 101 will be on the aisle directly to your left, and seat 106 will be just 5 seats in from the aisle. Sitting behind the net is a great place to watch goals be scored and puts you in a great position to appreciate all the dynamic movement of a hockey game.

View from Section 122 at Rogers Arena
Section 122 keeps you right behind the net for close views of scoring plays

Asked September 21, 2013 for NHL Preseason - New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks on Sep 26, 2013

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