Sections at the Rogers Arena are separated into two halves by the aisle which runs down the middle of the section. As you face the floor from the aisle, Seat 1 will be the aisle seat on the right, while Seat 101 is the aisle seat on the left.

In Section 324, Row 11, the seats will run from 101 (aisle) to 110 (furthest left) in the left half of the section. One seat further to the left from Seat 110 will be the seat for Section 325, Row 11, Seat 11.

In the right portion of Section 324 are seats 1 (aisle) through seat 11 (furthest right). Just to the right of Section 324, Row 11, Seat 11 is the seat for Section 323, Row 11, Seat 110.

The graphic below provides a visual representation of the seating layout across Row 11 from Section 323 to Section 325. Please note the orientation of the sections compared to the floor.

Seating layout in Row 11 for Sections 323, 324, and 325 at Rogers Arena