PNC Music Pavilion

Is Section 9 Row K Seats 25 thru 28 covered at the PNC Music Pavilion?

Sep 2014

Answered by Steve at

No Cover on the Left Side of Section 9

The lower numbered seats (closer to the center of the stage) are much better for overhead coverage in Section 9 Row K at PNC Music Pavilion. Seats 25-28 are closer to the aisle at the left side of the section as you face the stage (further from the center of the stage), and are not covered.

Section 9 Seating Chart
Seats 25-28 in Row K are on the left side of the section and are not covered by the roof

The Roof Covers Most of Center Seating

For guaranteed covered seating at the Pavilion, we recommend Sections 1-3, or Rows A-Z in Sections 5-8.

Asked September 13, 2014 for One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer on Sep 27, 2014

Interactive Seating Chart


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