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  • Do I have to bring a lawn chair or do I have a seat in Lawn 10?
    My lawn tickets are listed as Lawn 10, Row 50, Seat 453.
    Asked 8 months ago

    The lawn area at PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey is general admission. All lawn tickets are for an unreserved area that is not covered. Row and seat information on tickets are merely for inventory management purposes and do not guarantee you a specific spot on the lawn.

    Bringing a lawn chair is highly recommended - as is arriving early to secure one of the best lawn spots. We recommend the area at the front of the lawn, just off center.

  • What seats in the 400s are covered?
    Asked 7 months ago

    In sections 401 and 405, all seats are covered by the roof. For sections 402 and 404, all seats in rows A-L are covered. And in the middle 400 section, 403, all of rows A-E are underneath the roof.

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