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PNC Bank Arts Center Loge Level

Features & Amenities

Sections 301-304 make up the Loge Level at PNC Bank Arts Center. These are the largest sections in the pavilion so it's important to choose the right spot for the best experience.

Row A is at the front of each Loge section. This row is directly behind the walkway that separates it from the Orchestra Level. The walkway is often fairly crowded so we recommend skipping the first couple rows to avoid any obstructions.

All Loge Level seats are covered by the roof and will be protected from rain. As far as the sun goes, it does shine on the left-most seats in Section 304 and the rear seats in sections 302-304 - especially in the evening hours.

Best Seats and Seats to Avoid

The best views on the Loge Level come from the front of sections 302 and 303. These spots are well elevated and have a centered view of the stage.

When purchasing tickets in sections 301 and 304, think twice about Rows A-K. There are as many as 35 seats in each of these rows which can make for a miserable experience. Furthermore, the edge-most seats in these sections are pushed out really far and have poor angles to the stage.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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