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Is lower level A row 57 good seats? Can we see well?

Nov 2016

Answered by Keith at

The highest rows of Section A and nearby sections are often the least-expensive lower level seats for an Alabama game. Despite their relatively low price tag, these seats do have some redeeming qualities.

First, the higher rows of these corner sections have some of the most comfortable views towards midfield. As the action moves up and down the field, you won't have to turn your head to keep up.

Section A and nearby sections are located in the southwest corner of the stadium. During afternoon games when the sun is beating down on the rest of the stadium, these will be some of the first seats to be in the shade. While that is a greater benefit early on in the season, you won't have to worry about a sunburn or having to look directly into the sun to see the game.

The biggest complaint with these seats will be that the action will seem rather far away when the game moves towards the other end zone. Otherwise, these seats are rated slightly above average on our SeatScore metric.

Asked November 13, 2016 for Auburn Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide on Nov 26, 2016

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