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Tailgating, Traditions and More at an Alabama Football Game

Over the past four years, one team has been to the college football national championship game each year. That team is the University of Alabama. Due to Alabama’s success on the field, it has made every Saturdays in Tuscaloosa an incredible experience - both before and after the game kicks off.

bama band halftime

Tailgating for an Alabama Football Game

Alabama has two designated tailgate zones where you can enjoy pre-game activities with fellow die-hard fans.

The Quad

The first tailgating zone is the Quad. The Quad is one of the best places to tailgate in all of college football. One thing that makes the Quad so special to tailgate at is the food. Alabama even allows catering from outside companies (this is rare). Bama lets people pick up catering at the Smith Hall parking lot and at Gallalee Hall. There are three food vendors available at every football tailgate. The three food vendors are Jim N Nicks BBQ, Full Moon BBQ, and Local Roots.

Feel like doing it yourself? You can bring your own grill in to cook for you and your friends. If you bring in a charcoal grill, the University of Alabama provides a charcoal dump station located on the west side of the Quad.

bama tailgating

Since the University of Alabama recognizes how important tailgating is to some of the most loyal fans in the country, they have provided two tailgate drop off times so you can get everything you need to your tailgate to be ready for a great Saturday. The two times Alabama allows are on Friday from 6 P.M. till 8 P.M. and on Saturday from 7 A.M. till 10 A.M. (for 11 A.M. kickoffs, Friday time still applies but Saturday time changes to 6 A.M. till 8:30 A.M).

One thing that Alabama provides that many other college football tailgates don’t is accessible power positioned on the east and the northwest sides of The Quad so you can get ready for college gameday and see what is going on all around the nation.  Bama also provides multiple public restrooms around The Quad positioned in the northeast, northwest, west and east sides.

Think you're ready for the Quad? Bare necessities include a tent, folding chairs and red - plenty of crimson red.   

Presidential Park

Alabama also provides another wonderful tailgating experience at the Presidential Park. There are a lot of phenomenal features about tailgating at Presidential Park - the best being the location of it. It is only 400 yards away from Bryant Denny Stadium so you can basically stumble from the grass to the gate.

Presidential Park is a reserved tailgating area so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own tent and you can choose among an excellent array of catering options. Along with the great catering options, you can also get a Dish media package for keeping an eye on the rest of the SEC.

Parking at Bryant-Denny Stadium

You've got the tickets and the tailgate figured out, but what about the parking? This is often the most over-looked aspect of gameday and can quickly become the most frustrating part of your day - especially in a place like Tuscaloosa. If you start driving around campus Saturday morning until you find a spot, one of two things are going to happen: You'll circle forever without any luck or you'll get ticketed and/or towed for parking on campus illegally.

bryant denny stadium close parking
Don't expect to park this close at an Alabama football game. Reserve a parking pass early and expect to walk at least a half mile.

It is highly recommended to purchase reserved parking at least a few days in advance. We sell Alabama football parking passes on our website or you can reserve parking through the university. Expect to pay $25 for in one of the farther lots and considerably more to be closer to the stadium. The most common "far" lots are A and B, which do have shuttle service to and from The Quad.

Saturday Traditions

Although the tailgate might sound like the end-all, be-all, Alabama has a couple of traditions and sights that you might want to check out before heading into the game.

Walk of Champions

The primary tradition of Alabama football is the Walk of Champions where fans line up as the players make their walk from the team buses down University Boulevard to the locker room. The players dress up in suits (and over-sized headphones) as they make their way to the stadium. And this isn't just for the first-timers or the kids. Check out the video below to see some very giddy middle-aged (and older) men soak in The Walk.

Alabama's Legendary Coaches

If you're a fan of legendary coaches, Alabama has plenty of them - and they have memorialized each and every one of them. All five coaches who have led the Tide to a national championship have received a statue in the north end zone plaza.

bear bryant statue
One of the five coaches statues at BDS

Alabama's Elephant Connection

Lastly, another great tradition is the Elephant Stomp where the Million Dollar Band performs a show outside of Bryant Denny Stadium and then march with fans from the Gorgas Library to the stadium. In case you're wondering why the Alabama mascot is an elephant, you can get the full scoop here.