Prudential Center

The Lofts at Prudential Center

Features & Amenities

The Lofts at the Prudential Center offer one of the finest and most comfortable experiences in the stadium. There are eight Loft sections situated above lower level sections 1-4.

There are three different types of seats within the Lofts. The first is traditional stadium seating in rows A-C. Behind these, guests will find Loft Tables which are labeled row T1 or T2. Each table comes with four chairs and a personal TV monitor.

The third type of seating are Loft Loge Boxes. These are semi-private boxes with a mix of stadium seating, lounge seating and barstools.

The Lofts Club

A ticket in one of the Loft sections grants access to the stylish and exclusive club space. This area features a massive full-service bar, additional seating and gourmet food offerings.

For Devils games the club space is all-inclusive. Ticketholders will enjoy an upscale buffet and free soft drinks. The club is all-inclusive for some concerts and other sporting events - when purchasing tickets, review the seller notes for confirmation.

The View From the Lofts

For hockey games, the Lofts offer one of the best views in the stadium. Guests will enjoy club-level-like sitelines on the end where the Devils shoot twice.

For concerts the view is head-on towards an end-stage setup. This results in a comfortable view from across the stadium.

Finally, for basketball games these seats are behind the basket which can make it difficult to see everything happening on the court.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2022, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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