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The best seats for a concert at the Prudential Center are found directly on the Floor. Fans who want to get close to the stage pay top dollar for an opportunity to be just a few feet away.

End-Stage Layouts

Most Prudential Center concerts feature an end-stage layout with the stage in front of Sections 13 and 14. From there, the layout of Floor sections varies from show-to-show.

The most traditional Floor setup has six reserved sections of seats split up into the front floor and the rear floor. Sections A-C are usually in the front, with D-F at the back. When this is the case, each section typically has 20-25 rows and about 14 seats per row.

It's not uncommon for some Floor sections to be General Admission. This means that ticketholders will be assigned to a specific area, but space is first-come, first-serve and there are no seats. General Admission (GA) sections can be as large as the entire floor or as small as a few dozen fans.

Other Floor Setups

Another layout that is becoming more popular is a center-stage setup. This is when the stage is in the middle of the arena and floor sections surround the stage.

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