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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 11 are labeled A-Z, AA-EE

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  • Section 11 Reviews

    These were the worst good seats we have ever had

    Aug 2018

    Section 11, Row B, Seats 1-3

    So we were in the first row of the section on the far left aisle which would have provided excellent views for the Bush, Cult, STP concert except that there is a large open space in front of you and the middle walk way in front of that. So everyone from the entire venue is constantly, and I mean constantly walking right through your view. And if that wasn’t bad enough the security was overwhelmed and allowed the attendees who shouldn’t be there to stop and just stand there right in front of you completely blocking your view. Eventually someone would come through and make people go to their seats but we couldn’t see the stage for entire songs. If it wasn’t for this the area would be wonderful. So Insuggest that you do one section forward to section 8 or move back about 5 or 6 rows so you can hopefully see over the constant flow of people. Please note that in the attached photo, none of those people were supposed to be there. They are standing in the walkway. I have attached a photo of a clear moment for comparison.

    Not bad for the cheap seats!

    Dec 2019

    Section 11, Row v, Seat 14

    Considering these are the last section in the corner of the ampitheatre, I think we picked really great seats. Definitely a good value sitting here, as it doesn't feel too far away. The venue has a nice, intimate feel to it and we enjoyed watching the show. The view of the Casino in the background was a nice touch too.

    • Reserved Seating


      Reserved sections at MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre are numbered 1-17. In such a large venue, views can vary greatly depending on which section you sit in. All reserved seating has closer views than the lawn seats at the back of the venue. Additionally, a huge benefit of tickets in sections 1-17 over the lawn is having an assigned seat. Another benefit many fans cherish when buying tickets in these seats is that every reserved section is fully covered by the pavilion roof. Fans will not have to worry about rainy Tampa weather on concert day when sitting here. Near the Stage (1-7)  Tickets in sections 1-7 bring fans closer than anywhere else in the venue. In fact, these seats are located in front of the VIP Box seats which are known for their ideal views to the stage. Choose seats in sections 1-3 to be as close to the performance as possible. If these sections are replaced by a pit, sections 5 and 6 become the best reserved options. Pit For some shows sections 1-3 are replaced by a general admission pit. Typically this is done for shows with a lively atmosphere so fans can stand and dance near the performers. Upper Reserved (8-17) Sections 8-10 are a great middle option for reserved seats at MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre. Tickets in 8 and 10 are on the sides with angled views, but are much closer than sections 11-17 behind them. Section 9 has good centered views from behind the boxes. The largest reserved sections are 11-17. These are the last seats before the lawn. Unlike many other amphitheaters, there are not any support poles to obstruct the views for these seats.  To find the best ticket options in these sections try and find a balance between having a row near the front of the section and the center of the pavilion (near section 14). 

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