Coastal Credit Union Music Park (at Walnut Creek)

Section 6 at Coastal Credit Union Music Park


Section 6 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 6 are labeled J-Z, AA-HH

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    • Reserved Seats


      There are nine reserved sections at Coastal Credit Union Music Park. The sections are separated into an upper and lower portion by the box seats in the middle.  Sections 1-3  Those who are looking for tickets closest to the stage should search for tickets in sections 1-3. The stage here is very wide which allows for all seats to have great views to the stage. Located in front of these seats is a pit section. For shows where fans are likely to stand and dance this area is general admission without any seats. For shows without a pit, sections 1-3 extend all the way to the stage. The front rows is set up with temporary chairs in these instances. Sections 4-9  The largest sections at Coastal Credit Union Music Park are located at the back of the pavilion in sections 4-9. There are up to 35 rows in each section. Behind the VIP Box Seats in the middle of the theater are sections 6 and 7. These sections provide good height to see the stage clearly and without any obstructions. To be covered, buy tickets lower than Row Q. Most shows are rain or shine, and these lower rows guarantee you a dry outing. Single-letter rows are closest to the stage followed by double-lettered rows.  Numbered rows 1-3 in sections 4-5 and 8-9 are small groups of seats located near the box seats. The lower rows of Section 5 and 8 offer good views and are actually a better alternative to the back rows of head-on Sections 6 and 7. 

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