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Section 37 at Blossom Music Center


Section 37 Seating Notes

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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 37 are labeled A-R

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  • Section 37 Reviews

    Upper level 3 rows back from walkway and the end of the row..much better than I expected

    Jul 2018

    Section 37, Row C, Seats 20 & 21

    • Pavilion Sections


      When looking at the Blossom Music Center seating chart, numbered sections are considered Pavilion seating. Each Pavilion section includes reserved seating and is fully covered by the roof. Pavilion I Sections The most desirable Pavilion tickets are found in sections 12-14. This area is also referred to as Pavilion I. These sections contain 15 rows of seats with Row A closest to the stage. For some shows these sections are shortened or removed to make way for a General Admission Pit. Pavilion II and III For unobstructed views and a lower ticket price, consider sections 22-26 and 32-38. The best seats in this area are closer to the center where you'll have a head-on view of the stage. As with Pavilion I sections, rows are lettered beginning with A at the front. Pavilion IV  The cheapest Pavilion tickets are found in the fourth tier of seating. Sections 44-48 are centered to the stage but present some downside. First, these are bench-style sections with back support. Other chairs in the Pavilion are comfortable stadium chairs. These are not. Second, while covered, these sections get a lot of sunlight in the afternoon and evening. On a nice day this might not be an issue. But if you're sensitive to sunlight, these should be avoided. Finally, there are support poles at the back of Pavilion III. While rare, some views from these sections can be slightly obstructed. 

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