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Lawn tickets at Blossom Music center are the only uncovered ticket option available - and with a further set back position beyond the Pavilion, the views are far and difficult to manage through the roof support beams.

However, for fans that just want a cheap ticket for a show, the lawn is a great place to look. More room to spread out and a more social atmosphere. Especially on nice summer nights, this place becomes rockin'.

Small lawn chairs, small umbrellas, and blankets are welcome, while coolers and picnic baskets are prohibited.

Reserved and ADA Lawn Areas

In addition to General Admission Lawn tickets, two new reserved areas have been added for guests. First, accessible lawn seating is now available adjacent to Section 44. This area provides rooms for handicapped guests and their companions. These tickets are commonly labeled ADA Lawn.

A Reserved Lawn option has also been added. This is a dedicated space on the lawn where only reserved lawn ticketholders can access. This ensures you a space with a good view so you don't have to fight the early crowd.

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    Lawn Seats Reviews

    Whaaaat??? Paid twice what general lawn costs to have a row and a seat. No! Lawn is lawn.

    Sep 2016

    Lawn, Row 159, Seat 56

    website says nothing about what they mean by lawn 12, row 159, seat 56 and 57. I was on crutches with arthritis and a broken foot, and my friend just had a hip replacement. We paid twice the price plus, because we thought we were getting 'seats' hold on don't call buyer beware because I read the website thoroughly trying to find out what was the difference between this $36 'seat' and the 15.00 general admission to the lawn. No info whatsoever, so I emailed the venue. No one EVER answered the email. Not only that, but when we asked about handicap accessible we were SHOWN section 43 (Lawn=handicapped!) but were Not Actually ALLOWED IN! "If it doesn't fill up we'll let you in." Meanwhile, a man on crutches shows up, he is let in immediately followed by his 9 friends. Nine able=bodied friends got seats, we had to stand there 45 minutes. When finally allowed in, given much grief by the surly gatekeeper, we asked around. No one did anything special to get into 43, they just showed up and were let in. Did Surly Gatekeeper think I was faking a broken foot and crutches just to get in the handicapped area? What about my friend with the bad limp and the cane, think she faked a hip replacement??? wanna see our scars? Well, we're told, just show your handicapped swing tag. Excuse me, if they gave those for a broken foot would it not be in the car??? AND - when I went to the restroom then tried to get back to 43, another surly gatekeeper would not let me back in, because my ticket, although twice the price plus of a LAWN ticket, said Lawn so I could not GO back to handicapped. Helloooooooooooooooo= 43 is 'Lawn Handicapped' = lawn. Such a miserable experience! The only people who gave a rat's a$$ were the staff who directed us to golf carts so we could be taken partway back to the car. They were kind, compassionate, and much appreciated.

    I bought lawn that were more than twice the price because I was given a row number and seat number

    Nov 2016

    Lawn, Row 21, Seat 32

    Guess what? I had to stand in the grass. For twice the price that people pay, for standing in the grass. BE WARNED - NO Matter what any ticket says, lawn is lawn. Lawn is grass. Do not pay $36 to stand in the grass. Grass prices are $15 no more! If your tickets say Lawn, you are in the grass no matter what you paid, so don't give Blossom ANY MORE than 15.00. Plus, their treatment of disabled patrons on crutches, and wearing knee braces and using a cane as the two of us were, was DEPLORABLE! If you have handicap of any kind, don't go to Blossom.

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