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Best Seats at Blossom Music Center

head-on concert view at Blossom Music Center
Section 23 offers a comfortable head-on view for end-stage shows

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 23, Section 25, Section 34 and Section 36 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Blossom Music Center Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Tree Deck - The Tree Deck at Blossom Music Center is a highly sought-after premium area that offers a truly remarkable experience. Nestled amidst lush surrounding...
  • VIP Box Seats - One of the best ways to experience a concert at Blossom Music Center is from the comfort of the Box Seats. Ticketholders will find roomier and more co...

Lawn Seats

lawn seat view  - blossom music center
  • Lawn Seats - Lawn tickets at Blossom Music center are the only uncovered ticket option available - and with a further set back position beyond the Pavilion, the vi...

Pavilion Sections

section 33 seat view  - blossom music center
  • Pavilion Sections - When looking at the Blossom Music Center seating chart, numbered sections are considered Pavilion seating. Each Pavilion section includes reserved sea...

Pit Tickets Seating

  • Pit Tickets Seating - To many concert fans, the best tickets at Blossom Music Center are in the Pit near the stage. This section isn't available for all shows, but when it ...

Shaded & Covered Seating

  • Are there any covered seats at the Blossom Music Center?

    Yes, all of the seats at the Blossom Music Center are covered, but this does not include the lawn seating. This venue does offer a lot of lawn seating, so if you were unable to get a seat in the amphitheater there is plenty of room on the lawn where you can still enjoy the show.

Blossom Music Center Seat Views

Blossom Music Center Seating Reviews

  • "Whaaaat??? Paid twice what general lawn costs to have a row and a seat. No! Lawn is lawn." - - website says nothing about what they mean by lawn 12, row 159, seat 56 and 57. I was on crutches wi...
    Lawn, Row 159, Seat 56
  • "I bought lawn that were more than twice the price because I was given a row number and seat number" - - Guess what? I had to stand in the grass. For twice the price that people pay, for standing in the ...
    Lawn, Row 21, Seat 32
  • "The Who - Sep 10, 2019" - - Excellent show. Seats were disappointing, but good - just not what I expected. This was my first vis...
    Section 12, Row K   Verified Customer
  • "Brandi Carlile - Sep 16, 2023" - - Great seats, up on a deck to the side of the stage with a good view. No need to stand because from t...
    Tree Deck, Row D   Verified Customer
  • "It was LIVE! Amazing VIEW" - - Literally felt like they were right in front of me! Amazing venue lots of space.
    Section 13, Row 3, Seats 17-18
  • "Korn and Alice In Chains - Aug 16, 2019" - - The closest I've had been to the stage were I can see clearly
    Section 26, Row A   Verified Customer
  • Section 37, Row C, Seats 20 & 21
  • VIP Box Seats, Row BOX 409   Verified Customer
  • Section 26, Row A   Verified Customer
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