White River Amphitheatre

Section 115 at White River Amphitheatre


Section 115 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 115 are labeled 1-9

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    • Pavilion Seats


      There are multiple great places to sit that are reserved at White River Amphitheatre. Reserved sections include sections 101-115 and 201-211. To start, one of the biggest benefits of sitting in the pavilion is the protection from the roof. With events being rain or shine, this can give those seated here some peace of mind on concert night. Close Views to the Stage  Almost all seats under the pavilion have good views, but sections 102-104 are some of the best for close views to the stage. The sections are set down below the VIP Boxes which creates a slightly more intimate atmosphere at such a large venue. 200 Level Seats The largest grouping of reserved seats are sections 201-211 - also known as the 200 level. Sitting here gives more elevated views as each row gets slightly higher and higher leading up to the lawn area. Each 200 level section has 32 rows of seating. While the last row is covered by the pavilion roof we recommend looking a few rows up from the back. This ensures a raindrop or two doesn't make it your way with a gust of wind. 

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