T-Mobile Arena

Section 11 at T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena Section 11 View

Section 11 Seating Notes

  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Rows GS1-GS2 are part of the Glass Seats for Golden Knights games

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 11 are labeled 1-9, AA-DD, A-Z
  • For hockey games, row GS1 is usually the first row
  • Row AA is usually the first row for matchs
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row Z
  • When looking towards the court/stage/ice/ring, lower number seats are on the left

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 11 Reviews

    Not on the Floor, But Close

    Mar 2019

    Fighting Review
    Section 11, Row A

    I'd rather be on the floor or up a little higher because the cage does get in your way a little bit, but it is cool being up close.

    • Glass Seats


      On the Vegas Golden Knights seating chart, lower level sections are known as the Main Concourse. For VGK games, rows GS1 and GS2 in Main Concourse sections are Glass Seats. Owing to their amenities and proximity, these are widely considered some of the best seats in the arena. The experience of sitting in these seats is un-matched. Guests will sit within just a few feet of the action and will have up-close views of the players crashing into each-other and scoring goals. Glass Seats tickets give fans access to some of the stadium's most exclusive lounges on the Event Level. For Golden Knights games, fans will enjoy an all-inclusive experience with complimentary food and beverage. 

    • Main Concourse Ends (Fighting)


      The Main Concourse Ends at T-Mobile Arena offer great views for fighting events. Similar to the Main Concourse Sides, these sections help make up the lower level and each section has no less than 27 rows.  For MMA fights you can sit in any section and get a good view of the octagon. It is recommended to sit in the higher rows for the most optimal views, as you can see into the cage from a higher vantage point. 

    • Main Concourse Ends (Hockey)


      If you're a big fan of goaltending, consider sitting in one of the sections directly behind the net. When the action is in this offensive zone, you'll be viewing the game just as the netminder does. You can watch passing plays develop and really get a feel for the speed of the game. When looking at tickets in these sections, keep in mind that you'll either be looking through the glass or netting to see the ice. Our recommendation is to sit in one of the first five rows. In these rows you'll be exceptionally close to the ice and will be just a few feet away from the board battles that develop behind the net. In a lower row you'll be viewing the game through the glass. In higher rows your view may be partially disrupted by the top of the glass. Every section in the lower bowl deals with these disruptions, but they are particularly annoying when you're trying to see action from behind the net. Knights fans will want to sit in section 10 or 11 where the home team shoots twice, and visiting fans will want to look for tickets in section 1 or 20. 

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