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For most concerts at T-Mobile Arena, the stage is set up at the far end of the arena, closest to lower level sections 1 and 20. In this end-stage setup the floor is usually divided up into 8 or 9 sections labeled A-H or A-J. The front floor, which includes sections A-C, is usually made up of around 20 rows with the first row always labeled A. Middle floor (D-F) and rear floor sections also begin with the letter A and typically have 10-20 rows each.

Seat Numbers for Reserved Sections

When looking towards the stage from one of these floor sections, seat 1 is always the left-most seat in the row. For instance, in Floor C, seat 1 would be the most desirable seat in the section - given its location near center stage. While seat numbers vary by performance, the most common floor arrangement has 14-16 seats per row.

General Admission Sections

Some shows will feature a General Admission (GA) Floor. When this is the case, all tickets in the general admission section are equivalent. Most often, the general admission section has no chairs and standing spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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