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Section 201 at St. Augustine Amphitheatre


St. Augustine Amphitheatre Section 201 View

Section 201 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 201 are labeled O-Z, ZZ
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row ZZ

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  • Section 201 Reviews

    Solid view from far side of the venue!

    Dec 2019

    Section 201, Row V, Seat 80

    We sat on the aisle seats in section 201 row V, and we liked our view for the show. It was just close enough where we could comfortably see everything happening on the stage, and sitting on the aisle was convenient for us to get drinks! Sitting towards the middle might have been a bit better, but we would sit here again. All of the 200 level seats at St. Augustine Ampitheatre have really good views. It's one of our favorite venues.

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    • "Nice seats, and great to sit in the last row!"

      (Section 203) - -

      We sat in the very last row in 203 at St. Augustine Amphitheatre, and we were happy with our choice. Probably the best part about sitting here is being able to just climb over the seats since you're in the last row - much easier than making your way across a row of 30-40 people. One disadvantage to ...

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