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Pit sections are home to the most impressive views for a show at St. Augustine Amphitheatre. Fans will be very close to the stage from any of the 10 lettered rows in each section.

When reserved, three sections make up the pit. Seating consists of folding chairs set up on the floor of the theater, which means there won't be any elevation over the the rows in front and you will be looking up to see the stage.

All seating in the pit sections is well protected by the roof above, providing excellent relief from the weather.

GA Pit

For some shows, the seats are removed to create a general admission section. This is typically done for shows with high energy to give fans room to move around.

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    • "Wonderful"

      (Pit 1) - -

      These seats are great. At the end of the concert it is easy to get out of your seat and go up to the stage. The best venue I have ever been to. Try and buy pit tickets, its worth it.

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