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SoFi Stadium Premier Seating

Features & Amenities

SoFi Stadium has three pricing levels for Rams and Chargers games. Premium seats are the most expensive, Reserved seats are the least expensive and Premier seating sits in the middle.

Premium Space Access

Premier seats at SoFi Stadium give guests access to at least one exclusive space. These include the semi-private concourse, the North End Zone, Verizon Lounge, Stage Club, and Terrace Club.

Premium spaces give guests a separate area to hang out, socialize, catch up on action around the league, and purchase concessions.

Types and Locations

For Rams and Chargers games, the following seats make up Premier Seating:
  • 100 Level Endzone sections
    • Including the Verizon Lounge
  • 200 Level South Corner sections
    • Ultra and Corona Seats
  • 300 Level Sideline sections (Terrace Club)

Among these areas, we recommend the 300 level for outstanding sightlines, the 200 level for its comfortable layout, and the 100 level for its endzone clubs and proximity to the field.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "Best Value with Premier Seats"

      (Section 224) - -

      Excellent sideline view right next to club section! VIP entry & access to Corona Beach House lounge.

    • "Amazing Seats"

      (Section 122) - -

      I had an amazing time in these seats. So close yet surrounded by this massive stadium. Access to the lounge below makes these so amazing. Unbelievable experience.

    • "Great seats 😁👍"

      (Section 119) - -

      💜BTS' Permission to Dance - LA💜

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    • Rams
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