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Field Seats for concerts at SoFi Stadium are located at stage level and provide some of the closest views to the performer on stage. Due to the multi-purpose functionality of the stadium, floor setups are temporary and can take on a variety of setups.

Standard Floor Seat Information

For reserved seating on the field, sections are typically labeled with a letter and a number. Sections beginning with "A" are the closest and sections starting with "C" are usually near the back of the floor.

Fans looking at tickets on the floor should also note that there is not any elevation between rows. Shorter fans risk facing tough sightlines when sitting further back in a section.

All seats are plastic folding chairs.

General Admission Sections

Certain performances feature general admission sections without any seats. Fans with GA Floor or Pit Tickets get access to the sections which are typically the closest to the stage.

Many fans in these sections arrive early (before gates open) to get as close as possible. However, this isn't necessary for everyone since all fans with GA tickets are guaranteed entry into the section no matter what time they arrive.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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  • Field Seats Reviews

    Glad I treated myself! No regrets.

    Mar 2023

    Concert Review
    Floor A3, Row 5, Seat 3

    The seat was great, but the extraneous situations were not so great. I was third from the aisle, and people kept coming and going and it was tough to get them through. One man started to topple on me and I grabbed his arm so he didn't knock me over, and his beer spilled all over me. The restrooms, unless you are a "club" member, are at the other end of the stadium, so that's not comensurate with what you pay for great seats.The worst was people struggling to get by constantly and here I am trying to video and have to stop every time. I understand that the rows are so tight to fit more people in, but that should be taken into consideration when charging so much for the first few rows. Shout out to the security employees who kept concertgoers, from further back, standing in the aisles next to us to video. The first photo is with no zoom, the other two with variable zoom on a really old, outdated android phone. So, the view was actually awesome and with the screens above, it was perfect.

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