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SoFi Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Club Seats (Chargers and Rams Games) - Club Seats at SoFi Stadium are located along the sideline in both the 100 and 200 levels. These seats run from endzone-to-endzone and offer fans one o...
  • VIP Club (Chargers and Rams Games) - VIP Club Seats at SoFi Stadium are undeniably the best seats for a Rams or Chargers game. These sections are along the sideline and have desirable sit...

Rams Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Rams Sideline - The Rams sideline is in front of Club 130, Club 133, VIP 131 and VIP 132
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Club 110, Club 113, VIP 111 and VIP 112

Chargers Games - Sideline locations for home and visitor teams are reversed

Premier Seating

  • Premier Seating - SoFi Stadium has three pricing levels for Rams and Chargers games. Premium seats are most expensive, Reserved seats are least expensive and Premier se...

Reserved Seating

  • Reserved Seating - Reserved Seating at SoFi Stadium are typically the cheapest tickets for a Rams or Chargers game. They don't come with benefits or amenities like premi...

SoFi Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "336, Some of the best seats at SoFi Stadium!" - - Very small section, there are only three rows in this section total. View is even better and more pe...
    Section 336, Row 4, Seats 10-13
  • "Aisle seats!!! Great view of all the action..." - - These seats are on the aisle and come with a special entrance. These are premium seats
    Section 239, Row 8, Seats 15,16
  • "The are great" -
    Section 235, Row 11, Seat 15
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