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"Great Seats in the Club Level"

Seat Review From Section 340, Row 4, Seat 12
Jun 2014


It's been a while since I've sat in the Club Level, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. There are only five rows in each section, so you never have to walk too many stairs to get up and down. And with the in-seat wait service, the only reason you ever need to get up is to go to the bathroom (though I did go to the 100 level for churros since they aren't available on the Club Level).

The view from 340 is great. The seats were almost in line with third base, and you can see the whole field comfortably without having to turn your neck. I was relieved to see these were in Row 4, because it does make a difference. You really don't want to be in the first row. The railing is too much of an obstruction when you try to sit back in your seats. Row 3 and above are great, though.

In-seat wait service with a decent-sized menu. Had the foot-long polish and sweet potato fries, which were fantastic. Service is so quick that one time our beers came out while we were still having a discussion with our waiter -- a discussion that we started 45 seconds earlier when we ordered the beers from him.

All-in-all, a great experience. I love being close to the field, so I wouldn't try sitting here first. But on hot days, rainy days (like this day was supposed to be) and days where you just want to be treated well, these are great!

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    Great Views and Amazing Comforts!

    Jun 2014

    Section 340, Row 4, Seat 11

    If I ever needed an answer as to whether or not the Club level is worth the extra money on a ticket, this was it. Hard to beat sitting on this level due to the amazing view height and the unbeatable amenities.
    The seats themselves have padded bottoms with plastic backs, and are very nice to sit in. Usually I have to shift a few times an inning to keep from getting too sore from sitting on the hard plastic, but there was no need to do so here. With just 5 rows of seats, the section feels small which offers great peace of mind when trying to pick the right time for a trip to the restroom. With a mens room located right outside the section, it was no problem getting in, out, and back to the seats during a break between innings.
    The in-seat wait service was some of the quickest I have ever had in a club section. Without any exaggeration, we literally had our drinks 60 seconds after ordering them from our section waiter. The foot-long Polish Sausage took a little bit longer (maybe 5 minutes or so), but was worth the wait.
    And while all the comforts are definitely nice to have, what I enjoy most is that it allows you to watch every minute of the game without having to worry about concession lines or crowded restrooms. And from right near third base, we had a great view of the game that we didn't want to miss. You could see into the visitors dugout from where we were, and there wasn't any areas of fair territory that we couldn't see. Good views of both the center field scoreboard for replays and highlights, as well as the league scoreboard above the right field wall to keep track of what else was going on around the league. Hard to imagine sitting anywhere else after this treat, and don't think it gets much better for an early summer night game at U.S. Cellular Field!

    Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox - Aug 29, 2019

    Sep 2019

    Section 340, Row 2   Verified Customer

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      You got a great full view of all the action. Everything was quick and easy in club level area, very impressed

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      Nice, padded seating in the club level. Great to have in-seat wait service. Our server came around about every two innings or so and served all the way through the eighth inning. Restrooms were really convenient - just a couple sections over and void of lines. You can see every inch of the fie...

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      I've sat in the club level dozens of times, and I love being in 338. This section is on the White Sox side of the field and has an excellent view of the game. Our waiter was friendly and patient and the food was delicious. Had a foul ball glance off the glass just above these seats, so there's...

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