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Guaranteed Rate Field Field Level Infield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Sections 119-145 make up Field Level infield seating. These seats are sometimes referred to as Diamond, Platinum or Gold Boxes. The designation means nothing more than being closer or farther away from the field.

The Sox dugout is located in front of sections 137-142, while the visitors sit in front of 122-127. Row 5 in these sections is the actual first row behind the dugout.

Sections 130-134 are directly behind home plate and behind the Scout seats, which occupy the first 12-15 rows. Seats on the 1B side (119-126) are among the first to get shade for night and afternoon games.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Excellent Seats Behind Home Plate"

      (Section 133) - -

      -Completely shaded in late afternoon -Super convenient to restrooms and concessions -Seat 13 is on the left aisle -Good view of the whole field -Made it on the jumbotron Just wish more foul balls came back to us!

    • "Perfect For Visiting Fans"

      (Section 128) - -

      Section 128 has more than 30 rows, so there is a big difference between being in row 4 vs. row 30. If you do have a chance to sit in the 4th row, you won't be disappointed -- especially if you're cheering for the away team. These seats are exactly eight feet behind the visiting team's on-deck ci...

    • "A-one seats!"

      (Section 125) - -

      These are midway between the opposing teams dug out about half way between home plate and first base. Perfect level and closeness to the field. Very satisfied!

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