University of Phoenix Stadium

"Friendly fans"

Seat Review From Section 103, Row 36, Seat 9
Oct 2013


Had an awesome view, friendly fans not a nuisance in any way, beer food and bathrooms were very accessible no complaint best time in these seats. Highly recommend them definitely will think about buying them in the future! Goooo cardinals! Monique from Yuma, az!

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action

Avoid if... you're cheering for the away team

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Excellent goal line view, ok view of other side

Aug 2014

Section 103, Row 38

I've sat in a lot of goal line seats in different football stadiums, and many of them stare straight forward almost behind the goal line. These seats have a good angle to them, which allows you to see your side of the field really well, while not having to turn a ton to see the far goal line. Despite the good field angle, the other side of the field is still pretty far away, especially at Row 38. The problem is, if you get closer to the field in this section, you can actually be too close and compromise your view. At least in Row 38 you are just a couple steps from the concourse and concessions. Corner Section 114 is comparable to this one, but I would rate much higher because you get a much better view of the big videoboard.

Best views of the near endzone!

Aug 2014

Section 103, Row 14

I sat in these seats right after sitting in Row 38. There's a huge difference. You really feel close to the field in these seats, even in Row 11. You basically own the near endzone which can be amazing if plays are on this side of the field. But if plays are on the other side of the field, forget about it. The view to the other side of the field is really difficult. You're too low to see a lot of the field at once, so you're constantly scanning your head back and forth following the action. On the positive side, you do have great views of the Cards sideline without being blocked by them, like you'd be if you were in a low row closer to midfield. Sitting in Row 11 vs. Row 38, you have a lot more stairs to walk up and down when you get in and out of your seats.

  • "Great height, great angle, good seats"

    (Section 101) - -

    To me, what makes seats comfortable at a game is usually the angle to the field. In so many seats you have to contort your body, turn your head, look over and through to see what's going. So, even though these corner seats were pretty far from the other side of the field, they were darn-right comfor...

  • "Perfect angle for seeing the whole field!"

    (Section 102) - -

    If you can get over the fact that the other side of the field is a million miles away, these seats are actually really great. If I couldn't get midfield seats in Rows 15 or higher, I might pick corner seats like these as some of my favorite seats on the lower level. Row 33 height is fantastic. Yo... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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