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Seat Review From Section 206, Seats 6 and 7
Jun 2013



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Far away, but love being in Row 1!

Aug 2014

Section 206, Row 1, Seat 6

Nice low view to the stage. The first row in the Premier is awesome for the view. But being on the aisle, it's kind of weird because the stairs come right down into your feet and then rise around you. Felt almost a little claustrophobic. Anyways, seats are just above the lower level. There is a walkway down there, but you can easily see over the people walking on it. Just might be a little distracting. Otherwise, the view is completely unobstructed and nearly head-on to the stage. You're far away, but not too high and the seats are comfortable.

  • "Like the head-on view"

    (Section 209) - -

    Comfortable view, no problem seeing over people. Stage is really far away, but the view is really clear and you have a head-on view. Row 12 is the last row in the section, so you do have to walk some stairs to get up to the seats, but they're not steep like they are in the upper level. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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