Staples Center

"Surprisingly Amazing View!"

Seat Review From Section 310, Row 7, Seats 12,13
Sep 2014


We had seats in Section 310, Row 7 for the Katy Perry Prismatic Tour on Sept 19th, with our row literally being the last row in the section. I was a little worried it would be too high up and too far from the stage, but as soon as we found our seats I know we had one of the best views in the house! We had the luxury of having no one behind us, so there were no worries about dancing, blocking anyone's view, etc. In addition, we could see every detail and aspect of the show PERFECTLY, it was one of the best views I have ever had. Things that would have been missed in lower level seating (lighting on the stage, the full view of the stage set up, head on view of the screens and projections) were directly in front of us. In addition there were so many laser beam concepts used, and when they went off we had a full view of every single angle, it was beyond impressive! The highlight of the seats was definitely seeing the entire crowd and looking over everyone!

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    • "Stage straight ahead with easy access to the seats"

      (Section 309) - -

      My seat had a great straight on view of the stage, and while far compared to many of the other seating options, it didn't feel all that distant from the stage. The straight away views kept everything right in front with no obstructions down to the center of the performance. The elevated perspectiv...

    • "Much better than higher rows"

      (Section 307) - -

      The upper level at the Staples Center is so steep that it's amazing what a few rows of difference makes. These are still really, really far away from the stage and you won't be able to see any detail. But the 5th row is a much easier walk up the stairs than rows 10 and higher. The view is also sligh...

    • "Head-on views far from the stage"

      (Section 311) - -

      There are only two rows of seating in the main part of this section as lower portions appear to be reserved for handicap accessible seating. I was in Row 7 which was the back row above the handicap seating, and was just three seats off the aisle at my right. With no one behind, I could stretch out...

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