Staples Center

"Really, really close to the stage!"

Seat Review From Section 2, Row 1, Seat 2
Aug 2014


These seats are almost slightly behind the stage, but without any obstructions. Super clear view of everything on the stage from maybe just 50 feet away.

Row 1 is awesome. The height is fantastic, the legroom is better and it's easy to get out to the club concourse. Love the padded club seats too!

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    • "High up views from behind the stage"

      (Section 321) - -

      Behind the stage, high, and far ... that pretty much sums it up for these seats. I might have felt closer had I been able to see the front of the performance, but I felt pretty left out from where I was positioned behind the stage. A glass partition is located just in front of the seats as a safet...

    • "Almost behind the stage curtain"

      (Section 332) - -

      I was pretty much behind the back curtain of the stage, which made it feel as if I was watching the show from behind all the action. It is somewhat fun to see the general admission fans standing on the floor and how they interact with the artists, but with no head-on view it wasn't all that differe...

    • "Avoid this section for an end-stage concert"

      (Section 332) - -

      I would avoid section 332 for end-stage concerts if possible. We saw Elton John and although you can see him at the piano fine, you can't see the video screen. Sound is not the best, either. There's extra leg room in Row 6 but there's also a little glass wall that messes up your line of sight.

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