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Seat Review From Section 119
Oct 2013

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    Seat A behind the players

    Feb 2014

    Section 119, Row A, Seat 1

    Although it was great sitting directly behind the players, I couldn't see the game. Great view of the backs of their heads.

    Flea has season tickets in Section 119, Row 1.

    Section 119, Row 1

    For Lakers home games.

    • "Best Overall Seats for Serious Basketball Fans"

      (Section 112) - -

      On the free-throw line, eye-level with the rim, facing the Lakers bench (perfect for seeing player's shooting form). 1. Best side of the court (Sections 110, 111, & 112) because you can see the players benches (same side as TV cameras). 2. High enough up so your view is not blocked by playe...

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