Schottenstein Center

Club Level Side Seating at Schottenstein Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

The Club Level at the Schottenstein Center is located just above the Entry Level and can be considered an extension of the 100 level. Because ticket prices are often far less expensive than in the 100s, these seats generally provide very good value for a concert. Because there are just 20 rows in the lower level side sections, all tickets in these club level seats are just 20-30 rows from the floor.

As with the lower level, we recommend sections 206 and 222 over 207 and 221 due to the better siteline of being farther away from the stage. These seats will ensure you\'re looking at the front of the performer instead of his/her side.

In each of these sections, rows A-E have 14 seats and rows F and above have 18 seats. Seats are labeled from right-to-left when looking towards the floor.  -

Interactive Seating Chart


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