Schottenstein Center

Schottenstein Center Floor Seats for Concerts

Features & Amenities

The most common floor setup for concerts at the Schottenstein Center is nine numbered floor sections labeled 1-9. When the floor is setup in this way, floor sections 1-3 are typically made up of 20 rows of seats labeled A-T. Sections 4-6 are slightly smaller with rows A-P and 7-9 smaller again with rows A-L. A small walkway/aisle is found in front of and at the side of each of these sections.

Seat Numbers on the Floor

For most concerts, seat numbers are labeled 1-14 in sections 2/5/8 and 1-12 in other floor sections. When looking towards the stage from these sections, seat 1 is at the right aisle. As a result, the center-most seats in each section are as follows: Seat 1 in sections 1/4/7, seats 7-8 in sections 2/5/8 and seat 12 in sections 3/6/9. Note, seat numbers vary by event and performer, but the most common setup uses the previously mentioned numbering.

General Admission Floor Seats

For shows with a custom stage setup, the most common floor layout includes some type of general admission section. Sometimes the general admission area takes up the entire floor, while other times a GA Pit will be placed in front of the numbered floor sections. In either case, general admission floor seats are first-come first serve and ticketholders should arrive early to get the best spot.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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