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The lower level at the Schottenstein Center is commonly known as the Entry Level. For concerts, sections at the side of the Entry Level rate as some of the best in the entire venue. These sections are known for their close proximity to the stage and for their elevation over the floor.

Best Entry Level Seats for a Concert

The closest of the side sections are 107 and 121. The first row (usually labeled C or D) of these sections is mere feet away from the stage and rival the first few rows of the Floor as the best seats in the arena.

Most rows in these side sections contain 21 seats, labeled 1-21. When looking towards the floor from these seats, seat 1 is always on the right aisle. For fans seated in the aforementioned sections 107 and 121 for an end-stage concert, the side of the section closest to the stage (seats 12-21 in 107 and 1-10 in 121) may provide a less-than-ideal siteline. Instead, we recommend sections 106 and 122 for a guaranteed clear view of the stage.

Entry Level Seats for Ohio State Basketball

For OSU games, sections 104-107 are on the sideline where the player benches are located. On the opposite side of the court are sections 121-124. Owing to their excellent views, these eight sections are the most desirable tickets for basketball games.

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Excellent view with our seats."

      (Section 121) - -

      Excellent view of the basketball game and see all the crowd from that spot.

    • "Excellent view of the basketball game."

      (Section 121) - -

      Excellent view of the basketball game.

    • "Excellent view of stage!!!"

      (Section 134) -

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