Rogers Arena

Vancouver Canucks Lower Bowl Corners Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Corner seating on the lower Plaza level provides fans with unique views you don't find too often when watching a TV broadcast. The sight lines allow you to appreciate both the goal to goal breakout plays as well as the impressive cross ice movement of the game, and from this close proximity you will find a new appreciate for the speed of hockey.

Canucks fans will want to search for seats in Sections 109-110 and 113-114 where you'll be closer to the net where the Canucks shoot in the 1st and 3rd periods. At the other end of the ice, the right half of section 102 is the only area which features alcohol prohibited seating on the lower seating tier (found in seats 1-12 of Rows 14 and higher). Sitting in the alcohol prohibited seats is a good option for bringing the family to a game but not so much if you're looking to have a few drinks with your friends.  -

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