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Sitting Here for a Concert

If you are looking for an affordable concert ticket at Rogers Arena, the Rogers Level side sections are where you will to be searching for an end stage performance. Seating on the upper Rogers Level comes at a fraction of the cost of a floor or Plaza level ticket, and you can still be decently close to the stage in select areas.

Among the best options here for a traditional end stage setup are seat numbers 1-10 in section 307, which are located in the right half of the section (closer to the stage). Seat numbers 101-110 offer a similar vantage point in section 324, however section 307 is slightly smaller with just 12 rows instead of 15 rows in section 324.

Entry tunnels on the Rogers Level are located just beneath row 5, leaving the easiest access and best views for fans sitting in rows 1 through 4. Aisles at Rogers Arena are unique, running down the very middle of the seating sections. As you face the floor, seats 101 will be the first seat in off the left side of the aisle, while seat 1 is the first seat in off the right side of the aisle.  -

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    • "Far but good"

      (Section 322) - -

      I was in the 300 level so you are pretty far up, but you are pretty close and your view is great. One thing though is the seats are very close to the ones in front of them, so if someone has to get through you have to stand up or move.

    • "Really good seats!! Amazing price"

      (Section 307) - -

      Was really nice and clean. You could see the stage really good and there were empty seats so we got to be front row instead of second!! 💗 Be careful where you park because we got robbed!! 🚨

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