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Plaza Level Side Seating at Rogers Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Seats on the Plaza Level Side are going to be some of the top options for a traditional end stage performance at Rogers Arena. These sections keep you close to the end stage, while also providing good seating height above floor level for optimal sight lines to the elevated stage.

Sections 105 and 118 are the best of the best here for a standard end stage configuration, thanks to the impressive proximity to the stage. Aisles run down the middle of the seating sections at Rogers Arena, leaving the seat number 1 as the first seat to the right of the aisle, and seat 101 as the first seat to the left of the aisle (as you face the floor). Therefore, in section 105 you will be closer to the stage in the single numbered seats (1 ), while the triple numbered seats are closer the stage in section 118 (101 ).

Seats in sections 106 and 117 are also good options for a traditional end stage layout, however theses seats are the absolute best when the performance features a stage setup in the very center of the floor. Sections 107 and 116 are closer than Plaza Level End sections, but as these seats face straight across the arena, it can require a big head turn to follow the performance at an end stage setup.

Seating rows generally begin with row 1 at the very front of the section, and end with row 25 at the back. Entry tunnels are higher in the section (located just above row 20), so for a good combination of easy access and good viewing height we recommend searching for tickets in rows 15-20.  -

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    • "Unbelievably close to Paul McCartney and his magic show"

      (Section 105) - -

      So my wife had seats on the floor. She said she had great seats but I tell you, I didn't have to look over anyone ! It was a phenomenal show.

    • "Good view"

      (Section 116) -

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