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Sitting Here for a Concert

The floor of Rogers Arena is typically configured as a single section for most traditional end stage performances, however multiple aisles throughout create the feel of different individual sections. Given the single section designation for most shows, your row and seat number will play a crucial role in determining what the view will be like.

As you face a traditional end stage setup, seating generally begins with seats 1-14 on the left portion of the floor, with seat 1 being closest to permanent lower level seating along the south side of the arena. Typically you will then find an aisle just to the right of seat 14, followed by seats 18 through 31 in the center of the floor. Another aisle is commonly found to the right of seat 31, and then the floor seating ends with seats 35-48 (seat 48 being closest to the lower seating bowl on the north side).

In addition to the aisles running the length of the floor, you can also commonly find aisles which run across the width of the floor for a traditional end stage setup. These aisles are typically found just behind rows 8, 20, and 31. A mixing booth can often be found just behind row 26 of the center portion seats (seat numbers 18-31).

When searching floor tickets for a traditional end stage performance at Rogers Arena, the number 20 will be your friend... find a seat number in the 20s (center portion) in row 20 or lower (front half), and you will be in great shape.

Not all performances at Rogers Arena feature the standard end stage configuration, and it is not uncommon to find a full general admission section where spots are standing room only. We strongly recommend consulting the official seating chart for the specific performance before beginning your ticket search.  -

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  • "Good sound!"

    (Floor) - -

    We enjoyed Santana and Rod Stewart on the same bill. Sound was good on the floor. The floor plan pictured on the site, led us to believe we were in a row where there would be an aisle in front of us (we like leg room). We were actually 3 rows back from an aisle, but the leg room was ample. Biggest d...

  • "Perfect"

    (Floor) - -

    You could see everything. And the seats are spaced out enough that you don't get crushed. Right in them middle of the stage too.

  • "Awesome"

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