Globe Life Park

"Sunny, center-field view next to the grass"

Seat Review From Section 52, Row 10, Seat 1
Apr 2014


When you look towards the field, seat 1 is on your left. In the case of Section 52, seat 1 is also right next to the CF grass. It crowds with kids before the game, as they're looking to run onto the grass to get a home run ball. Cool place to sit simply for the activity level, but may get a little overwhelming for some.

The view of the field isn't so bad. You can see most of it, except the deep parts of the outfield in center and left-center.

Certainly a unique place to sit. But lather up with the sunscreen and bring your shades and a hat!

Best for... bringing the family, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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St. Louis Cardinals at Texas Rangers - May 18, 2019

Jul 2019

Section 52, Row 7   Verified Customer

Pretty good seats by the Visitors Bullpen and the Batters Eye. Also close to the KidZone are for children and close to concessions. A little walk to the nearest bathrooms though if you're a guy!

These seats are close to the field and you can almost call balls and strikes.

Section 52

But you really feel far from the action.

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    I do not suggest these seats unless you like to bask in your own sweat. Anyone who has been to this stadium understands the heat that is contained within the walls and does not escape no matter what. The only reason I decided to grab these seats was the low price and I was hoping for an EPIC Mike...

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    First, the good: Seat 15 is right next to the CF grass. So if you or your kids' dream is to run onto the grass and fight for a home run ball, look no further! You're also really close to the Rangers bullpen in RF and the CF plaza is an amazing place to eat and drink before or during the game. The...

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