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"Above the Rangers Bullpen!"

Seat Review From Section 49, Row 6, Seat 19
Apr 2014


These seats definitely have the wow-factor of being above the Rangers bullpen. You can see everything and everyone in the bullpen all game long. You can't get any closer to the bullpen in any stadium.

In terms of your view, it's kind of lacking. First, the railing - it is so annoying! You have to look through the wire to see the field. You won't know how bad this is until you have to do it for three hours. Second, you can't see a lot of the outfield. If a ball is hit deep, you'll have to rely on the crowd's reaction for what actually happened. Finally, you can't see the videboard because it's behind you.

If you're all about seeing the game, you can get much better seats in RF for about the same price. But if you want a wow factor and want to get close to the Rangers bullpen, these are tough to beat.

Best for... partying/socializing, impressing a guest

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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Major Obstruction

Jul 2013

Section 49, Row 16, Seats 3-7

These seats are under the upper level. There is a support beam that blocks the view of center field, 2nd base, pitcher's mound and home plate (pretty much everything you paid to see). There's a large TV on the pole that makes it much worse. It doesn't show the game either. Just player stats, and ads pretty much. I bought these on stubhub and the picture of the view they show does not include this. Also, you will not be able to stay in the seats for the fireworks. There is no view of the fireworks and they make you leave the section and stand outside for the after game fireworks show. So pissed. Paid $90/ticket. Then refunded 25%, but I find that totally unacceptable.

The Rangers Bullpen is in Front of Sections 48-50

Section 49

  • "Great in the shade"

    (Section 45) - -

    These were perfect for a day game in August. The crowd was great and we stayed out of the sun.

  • "Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers - Sep 14, 2019"

    (Section 6) -
  • "Night Games only"

    (Section 3) - -

    Before the game started the sun was blaring down on us, Thank God it was only April, I could not imagine these seats later on in the Texas heat. Great view for the price. Only complaint would be that these sections are full of kids who want to catch any ball heading your way. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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