M&T Bank Stadium

"San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens - Dec 1, 2019"

Seat Review From Section 102, Row 42   Verified Customer
Dec 2019


Great seats, totally covered. Not exposed to the elements (in our case - rain) at all. A bit hard to see the jumbotron/RavensVision, but overall great.

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    • "Perfect Height in the Lower Level"

      (Section 101) - -

      Row 16 is just about the perfect height in the lower level. You can see the whole entire field without anything getting in the way and the scoreboards are in perfect view. Seat 20 is on the right aisle in Section 101, which is close to the 40 yardline. Meanwhile, Seat 1 is at about the 25 yardlin...

    • "One of the Best Seats in the House"

      (Section 153) - -

      Section 153 was directly at the 50 yard line with some of the best views possible! Row 29 was high enough up from the field so I could easily see over all the people on the sideline, and being at the top of the entry tunnel and on the aisle meant that there was no one sitting in front of me and I h...

    • "Close to the Bench"

      (Section 152) - -

      These seats were impressively close to the Falcons players bench, and it was a fun feeling being so nearby to all these players who seem larger than life on TV. Being on the 30 yard line gave us great sight lines to both ends of the field, but the seats were in the middle of the row so it was a bit...