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M&T Bank Stadium 100 Level

Features & Amenities

The 100-Level at M&T Bank Stadium has perhaps the most sought-after seats due to its location close to the field.

Each section in this seating level features 35-42 numbered rows of seating, with the concourse tunnel located near row 20. The tunnel essentially splits each section into an upper and lower portion.

For Ravens Games

To get the best overall experience, choose seats in Rows 32-40. These seats provide great elevation for seeing the entire field and don't have to worry about railings and as much foot traffic getting in the way.

In sections on the north side of the field (100, 153, etc.), a small overhang covers rows 37 and above. This is an ideal place to sit if it rains or snows, but you may not be able to see punts, field goals, or long passes from the very top rows.

For Concerts

For the occasional concert at M&T Bank Stadium, the stage is set up in front of sections 109-117. This gives sections sections 102-103 and 124-125 a great location near the stage.

All 100-Level tickets would be preferred over the much higher 500-level seats for a show.

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens - Dec 1, 2019"

      (Section 102) - -

      Great seats, totally covered. Not exposed to the elements (in our case - rain) at all. A bit hard to see the jumbotron/RavensVision, but overall great.

    • "Can't See the Scoreboards"

      (Section 100) - -

      Row 42 is the last row in Section 100, so you don't have to worry about people behind you if that bothers you. The seats are almost right at the 50 yard-line, which is ideal for watching the game. Unfortunately, the overhang and speakers block view of punts and both scoreboards. If you want to watch...

    • "Great view undercover "

      (Section 120) - -

      Great seats at press box level, able to see the whole field. Seats on a slight angle toward playing field, every play right in front of you. You are up high enough that there is no obstruction especially from fans going up and down steps. You don’t get wet when it rains, but did get a little sun....

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