MetLife Stadium

"A good view of the entire field"

Seat Review From Section 337, Row 21, Seats 15-16
Dec 2017


We had a roof over us, but it still had some drops and a few tiny snow flakes. I think there were more Cowboy fans than Giants fans, but everyone behaved.

Best for... watching the game, fans on a budget

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Good Food, Good View

    Section 337, Row 10

    There were a lot of food options near these seats, which was a pleasant surprise on the 300 level. The view is pretty solid, too, but there is a bid difference being on the right side of the row vs. the left. Since you look left to see a lot of the action, the handrail for the stairs gets in the way if you sit on the left. Sitting on the right side of the row (Seat 1) has a much better view.

    • "Last Row in the 300 Level at the 50"

      (Section 313) - -

      If you're afraid of heights, the only thing that will bother you is the walk up the stairs. After you get to the top, you feel pretty secure and you don't feel that high up. Of course, once you look at the field, you realize how far away you really are. But being at the 50 yardline really helps. You...

    • "Full view of the field"

      (Section 314) - -

      Up high but a great view of the field at the 50 yard line. Last row with no one behind you. If you don't mind heights, its a great view for the money.

    • "Great View From the Upper Level"

      (Section 312) - -

      This section spans at least the 20-30 yard line, so your view will depend on which seat number you're in. Seat 17 is right at the 27 yard line, which afforded us a great view. You're high up, but it's still manageable and it doesn't feel like you're a few rows from the top. A bonus of sitting up ...

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