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MetLife Stadium Section 335 Seat Review Added November 2013


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  • fans on a budget
  • partying and socializing
  • being in the shade
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  • you're bringing the family
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  • Pretty bad seats

    There are a couple sections near the endzone that are just bad. This is one of them. Awful angle to the field (let alone the 50) and a mile away from the other endzone. Stay away. The only good thing is that this section has fewer seats in most ...More

  • Good Convenience For Cheap Seats

    There are more than 25 seats in this row, but once you get to the concourse, the restrooms are close, as is a staircase to the plaza level. The view is not that bad. You spend most the game looking to your left because the video board and most ...More

  • Row 11 is Perfect!

    Really good view of the whole field because of the way the seats are angled (other end is kinda far away) and the jumbotron. Up too high in Section 320 and there are like 40 seats in a row. Down too low and railing gets in your way. Row 11 is ...More

  • Only like a million seats in the row

    40 seats in the row, really? I know these are cheap, but that really is sticking it to the little guy. If you like rubbing legs with 20 drunk dudes as you exit the row and then walk down 25 rows to go to the bathroom, sure these are great. Otherwise, ...More

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